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A classic nourishing soap recipe with an invigorating twist - This is made with a concentrated espresso base and packed with brewed Arabica coffee grounds. Natural acids in the coffee help to smooth and firm the skin, as well as evening the tone, and the grounds provide a gentle but very effective natural exfoliant. A very cleansing soap, great for detoxifying, and it can also help alleviate certain common skin issues such as eczema and acne. As an aside, this is the perfect utility soap to keep around the kitchen, as the oils will eradicate unpleasant food smells (onions, garlic, etc).

The fragrance is rich but not overpowering, somewhere around the scent of creamy coffee.

All soaps are cut and stamped by hand.

130-180 grams

To best care for your soap, do not let it sit in pooled water, and ideally in a self-draining soap dish.

Ingredients - sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, dosium cocoa butterate, arabica coffee grounds, fragrance.

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