Image of WASHED OUT SOAP 'Salt of The Earth'

WASHED OUT SOAP 'Salt of The Earth'


This is a very special bar! Washed Out Soap Co started out with their Classic formula, and added shea butter, which provides a soft, luxurious and silky lather. Kaolin clay is then added, which is great for the skin, particularly in clearing oily areas without completely stripping the skin of it's good oils. The recipe is topped with Himalayan sea salt, which is very nourishing and provides a gentle exfoliation. The soap is completely unfragranced, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

A really gentle, 100% natural, cleanser bar.

All soaps are cut and stamped by hand.

130 - 180 grams

To best care for your soap, do not let it sit in pooled water, ideally set it in a self-draining soap dish.

Ingredients - sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium cocoa butterate, sodium shea butterate, sodium chloride (sea salt), kaolin (clay).

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